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Christine Kastner's charmed memoir of her Army brat childhood will resonate with many. For those of us who grew up in that life, this is how we go home again:  sharing our stories, finding the roots that shaped us. She is to be congratulated on adding to our storehouse of memories from a unique culture at a fascinating period in 20th century history.

--Mary Edwards Wertsch, author of  Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress


Writing this book has been a long and winding road.
What started out as a possible magazine article, evolved into much, much more, and became a book about growing up as an army brat. And when I added in tales about my “fractured family,” it became a memoir.
So, no longer do I provide anecdotes about my “fractured family” in Christmas letters. They’re in the book that I’ve written in my head through the years, and scribbled in steno books and on Post-it Notes in my car, while waiting in traffic at stop lights.
I attended writers’ workshops, listened to advice from published authors, and continued writing my book—when the publishing industry began to collapse.
I continued writing when e-readers became hot items.
I continued writing after three huge bookstores within a five-mile radius around me closed.
I continued writing.
Now I’ve accomplished what I set out to do when I returned from that 2006 Kubasaki High School reunion on Okinawa.
I submitted my book to an independent publishing house. (That’s what you do when the publishing industry collapses.)

And now I’ve finally got my book in hand—a book which is available as a hardcover, a softcover, and an e-book. It can be ordered directly from me,, and

If you order from me, I’ll sign the book and send it off to you immediately.
There’s no large-print or audio edition available. So if you can’t read it, I’ll come by and  read it to you. No problem. Put the coffee on.

At this stage of my life, I find it hard to believe that I've done all the things I have . . . all related to once living upon a small Pacific island halfway around the world . . . returning there twice . . . and possibly again!

Who would imagine that I'd write that first book and then travel back to Okinawa five years later with my husband Don . . . and write a second book!  My dream came true . . . twice!

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